Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 30/06/2010


In modern society, big groups cover an important position in terms of influence and fame. They have the power to change habits and present new ways of doing and consider thing. How could it happen? Big groups act directly on each person, they influence the society from the down to the top, starting from the single one and his needs, giving a opportunity to fully satisfy them.

So just think about iPod by Apple. Everyone got an iPod, but it not necessarly means that it is only market-oriented product. Apple designed a product for the single one, able to change habits, satisfy needs, just like wheel or Internet.

The core element of iPod success, is the total customization. The Apple’s big group gives to ones an empty perfect bin, to fill and customize according to likes and prefernces in terms of music and colors. The increase of personal needs lead Apple to improve iPod and design new products, with more features and opportunities of use, like iPhone or iPad. The ” i ” prefix underlines the strategic role covered by the single in the use and interaction with the products.  We can consider Apple the most important techcnologic company that offers an high-tech product built around the custom requirements of each one.


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