Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 26/06/2010


The specific way how a small group reach fame and glory is a very complex process, especially when it is famous for a biggest one. The core element of this relationship is the expression and the representation of typical values and features of the big group. A clear expression of SMALL/BIG group relation of fame is SPORT. This connection is not so much stronger as it seems because big groups follow their supported teams even if they don’t share with them any kind of values, especially in common sports.

The situation starts changing when we are talking about international tournaments, where each small team plays for his country during the competition. As we told before we discover that the connections between this two groups is stronger when, going beyond sports, the small group becomes a pure expression of typical values and culture of the big one.

It’s the case of New Zeland’s rugby team: THE “ALL BLACKS”.

They are a mix of the occidental way to play sports and the Maori’s strenght. They are not only a rugby team, they “are” the N.Z.’s comunity in its completeness, a perfect melting pot of  British and Native’s culture, the essence of a country. Here fame, glory and respect, mixed together, become a values-sharing between the ALL BLACKS and all the New Zeland’s comunity.


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