Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 25/06/2010


In our reserch we met a lot of cases where people interact with other subjects and their relevance, but we have never analized the relations between two differents GROUPS of people and all the connected beaviours.

It’s very interesting understand how the relationship between groups develops in a COMMUNITY.

We can find a clear example of this situation during live music exibitions. At the beginning there’s the band on the stage and the public on the other side, but when the concert starts they join together into a single beeing. The fame of the band and the passion of the public combined, give everyone the opportunity to live one of the best experiences of interaction.

Music is only a part of the all, the most interesting thing is how the relation between these groups become the real show, guitars,voices,drum and clapping hands everything is part of the show.

The most important feature of this kind of interaction is the singularity of the experience,every show is different from anoter one and diffuse different emotions in each person who takes part of the concert.


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