Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 28/05/2010


Understand how a group of people express sensation and complex feelings to other subjects , and how a small group became important  is an hard starting pourpose. When we’re are going to deeply analize a  group of people we should remember the group’s dynamics and his power.

So let’s start from the beginning.

Emotion, feelings and behaviour become from the childhood’s experiences  and from parental influences. Parents are the first group of the child, the “Family”, they teach the kids how to convey emotions and feelings in actions, even if it’s represent only the fist steps to get to a full knowledge of our capacities, everyone of us is indissolubly tied up to his family.

The subject matter changes. It’s not about fame or glory, it’s about the importance of a group, in this case the crucial relevance of the Parents during the kids life. Parents are the the first benchmark for sons, every kid see the parents as perfect example of behaviours, like a model of perfection to emulate.

This following funny video helps us to understand how children consider the parents and give enormous importance to their behaviours, in every kind of situation.

Now, the small family is the starting point of our new view, explaining clearly the relationship between a little group and the various subjects of world outside of it.


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