Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 26/04/2010


The story we’re going to tell, goes far beyond a simple expression of fame or glory, this story is about a dream that every man hides in the deep of his soul, and even if only few people turned it into reality, all around the world people saw their dreams closer than ever before.

Neil Armastrong, setting foot on the Moon and making the dream of Moon-trip possible, become a legend for everyone and everywhere on the heart. The glory that surronunds him is not connected to him as person, engeneer or astronatut, Armstrong is famous becouse of what he represents for the humanity: A MAN WHO BELIEVED IN A DREAM AND MADE POSSIBLE  DREAMING FOR ALL.

Since the humanity’s birth every man wondered to get on the moon, blamed to walk on his surface and dreamed on what could be hidden over there so far from the the ground. Neil Armstrong did it!

Armsong’s feets became the feets of the progress during the walk of evolution, his steps brught us to a new level of knowledge and opened the man to the infinity of the space. Later in the years many people come back on the moon but Armstrong still remain the symbol of  humanity that autocelebrate itself.


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