Posted by: Paolo Mennoia | 12/03/2010


Now, our principal question is ” how to distinguish between personal pleasure of self-establishment and personal desire of beeing succesful.

To explain clearly this situation, you could take a look at some examples.

– An home artist  who paints his pictures.
– A musican who composes his songs.
– A man that goes out for his weekly run.
– A student-cook who creates his recepits.
– A grandmother that feeds her frowers on the balcony.

Is there something in common in this behaviours?

Absolutely YES! First of all the examples suggest us that our question was not totally right because the leadig force that bring people to behave in millions of ways is the same, the PASSION.

We have just to understand, and discover, HOW PASSION EXPRESSES ITSELF IN DIFFERENT WAYS IN PEOPLE.

In the cases mentioned before, we could observe how passion influences personal actions. Nobody have a social axe to grid, but only a personal benefit. Passion lead them to self-establishment and autorealization. Painting, playing music, running, cooking or feeding flowers (like any other activity in similar cases) is enough, initially no one is looking for fame, because fame is only a consequence of  pure passion.



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